A hard to find Vulcain Centenary Exactomatic with an interesting in house movement.


At first we thought this would be easy.  Vulcain were founded in 1858, so the Centenary watch would be from 1958.  However we know that the decision to make the in house MSR movements wasn’t taken until 1961, and as this watch has a MSR T56 movement it must be after 1961.  The Exactomatic trade mark was registered in 1955, so that doesn’t help.  If you can help with any evidence for this watch then please do contact us.  For now we are happy to say circa 1962, but we have seen an advert for a Vulcain Centenary from 1969 (that was a ladies watch, so only useful in showing that the name was still be used)


Vulcain are most famous for their Cricket alarm watch, the choice of a few US Presidents, but they had a range of other nice watches too.  This watch features a monocoque stainless steel case to improve water resistance, but the other advantage of these cases is that only those with the knowledge and tools get to see what is inside, so you generally get cleaner movements.  The blue/purple dial is very clean and surrounded by a mirror finish chapter ring.  The movement is running nicely and appears to have a very good power reserve.  We are having the calendar mechanism checked, so there may be a small delay if this sells quickly while this is repaired.  The leather strap is new.

This watch will be supplied with our Certificate of Authenticity.

Please see the HD video for more detail.


Width with crown  36.4 mm

Width without crown  33.9 mm

Between lugs  18 mm

Lug to lug length  36.2 mm

Case Thickness  11.0 mm

Bracelet maximum length   n/a

All sizes are approximate

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