We like to think we offer an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and service lead store, but don’t take our word for it! Below are a few testimonials from customers, and if you have any feedback from a purchase then please contact us and we’ll be happy to publish it.

In January 2018 we launched our TrustPilot rating scheme where customers can leave reviews and everyone knows they are independent. We would welcome all previous customers to add their review here. We currently at time of press have a score of 5.0/5.0 on 588 reviews.

We are also Trusted Sellers on Chrono24, where we list about 20% of our stock. Our reviews on there are currently 4.9/5.0 on 154 different customers feedback.

Google is also available, just to make sure everyone says nice things and we don’t just send you towards the positive reviews!

Words from our customers;

“The watch did indeed arrive on Saturday as you said. I think the watch is brilliant! It is in superb condition and the new strap fitted goes perfectly with the watch itself. I had been looking for a watch from the 50s/60s for a while and this one ticks all the boxes for me: classy, refined and made in Great Britain (not many watches still made in this country anymore sadly!) Your customer service has been both punctual and friendly. I shall definitely recommend Birth Year Watches to anybody looking for a vintage watch; indeed I shall keep a look out in the future for any future watches.” MK, Smiths, UK

“Yes I received the watch on Saturday morning and I’m over the moon with it. I love the look and it’s got so much character. This is the second watch now I’ve brought, a couple of years back I got a 1946 tissot for my dad which he loves and hope my mum will be the same. ” MF, 1948 Tissot, UK

“Watch arrived a few days ago, I put it on a new blue suede strap, and haven’t taken it off ! The watch exceeded expectations, excellent communication and shipping. I have several luxury watches, and this watch looks as stunning as any of them.” DC, Baume & Mercier, USA

“On Christmas day I opened a present from my girlfriend and it was the Seiko Lassale from 1981! I had mentioned to her earlier in the year that I really liked it and mentioned it was for sale on your site (was a subtle hint) I collect Seiko’s and I was born in 1981 so I really wanted this one, and thankfully she remembered that conversation and now i am the new proud owner, I’m a very lucky man. It is exactly as you described, love that it has all the papers and spare links and also all the boxes, couldn’t be happier with it, its perfect!. Even love the complimentary watch stand looks great with the watch.” CM, Seiko Lassale, UK

“The watch is exactly as described, in fact, even better than I expected… thank you so much for your honest video assessment on your YouTube channel and prompt, professional service.” PD, Helvetica, UK

“I received the Tissot Camping Earlier this week and its absolutely wonderful. Its keeping good time and is very comfortable on the wrist. Shipping was smooth coming into the U.S. as well. Thank you for the great service and communication on this transaction and I will be buying from you again in the future.” GM, Tissot, USA

“I have safety received the watch in good condition, It looks perfect, Thank you Scott.” MY, Rolex, Malaysia

“I’ve been watching your site for at least a year waiting for the right ’74 to show up. I’d been looking mainly for an Omega/Longines dress watch but I’m a big fan of vintage Seiko as well. When I saw this watch pop up on your site–with its unusual movement and in absolutely mint condition–I knew this was the one. Sure, EL-370s can be had on eBay for less, but you found a gem that was worth every penny! And after 43-years of being who knows where, barely being worn, and therefore probably never being serviced, I’m happy to see that it’s running strongly and fairly accurate. Many thanks for this wonderful find!” KK, Seiko, USA

“I have picked up the watch earlier today. Thank you for the quick shipment, careful packaging and excellent service! I just enjoy my Seikos and finally I actually own one which really is from my birth year. The watch looks even better in person than in the pictures. Everything works as described and I’m wearing the watch right now.” JR, Seiko, Germany

“As promised just to say the Gerlach has arrived all fine and dandy. Nice simple understated piece that, as ever, looks even better in the flesh. Well chuffed with it. Thanks again” KB, 2014 G.Gerlach, UK

“Many thanks for the watch that arrived quickly and in good condition. I have spent some time wearing it and it keeps time very well (only a very slight adjustment every couple of weeks that is more than satisfactory for a mechanical watch this age). The watch is completely as described and I am very pleased with the product and your service (including all the messing about you had to do on my instructions!). I have bookmarked you page and look forward to further business with you in the future.” ST, 1978 Timex, UK

“I received the watches this morning. I can’t thank you enough for the secure wrapping and packaging. But above all, the Gp watch is just as you described:”a rare hunt!” Thank you again for finding and selling such watches!” B Al-A, 1974 Girard Perregaux, Oman

“The Bulova was here when I returned from work, it’s everything I expected and more, thanks again.” MS, UK 1977 Bulova

“Thanks for the follow-up and yes the watch arrived today. Great service thanks, (That is almost quicker than post across Sydney and certainly for interstate mail). Very happy with it and it certainly is a lovely watch and in very good condition. I hope to enjoy it for many years to come”. DJ, Australia, 1961 Longines-Wittnauer

“Hi Scott the watch has arrived and it’s fantastic that seventies vibe is just so cool it’s been a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do more in the future… I will leave a good review on the website.. thanks” MR, UK, c1972 Eterna-Matic

“The watch has arrived safe and sound and looks stunning “in the flesh” – it’s in better condition than I am at the same age. It’s a shame Timex don’t get more love, for something that was made cheap, “for the masses”, they can still look (and work) great after 49 years is amazing and a credit to the makers. Thanks for your great service.” T. R-S, UK, 1968 Timex
“Well, a very special package arrived today 🙂 What a great surprise, and boy that shipping was fast!
You really have a wonderful way of presenting your watches. The microfiber cloth, the plastic cover for the crystal, the certificate — wow! I’ve never felt so special when opening a package. Those little details really make a big difference. Wonderful work and keep it up.
I’m thoroughly pleased with both watches; excellent quality and very fair prices. I will have to check your site for time to time for updates. And if you see any other interesting Soviet/Russian watches, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Maybe I’ll become a regular customer :)” D. O-S, Estonia, c1963 Sekonda + 1 more

“Just letting you know that my watch arrived a few days ago and I am very happy with it. Great condition and a good price when I compare it with many offers online. You have a good website and the videos are a great help and very honest.” MB, UK, 1973 Omega

“I picked the watch up this morning and I have to say that your presentation is superb. Well packaged with a clear film lens protector to the dial, ‘birthyear’ lens cleaning cloth and certificate too. Totally brilliant experience and from previous dealings that I have had, I know your advice on selecting watches is not driven by the profit motive but with getting the right watch for the right person.
The watch is a beautiful example and I love the extra bracelet, it barely looks forty years old. All the boys at work are drooling, be in touch again soon to
expand my collection!” MT, UK, 1963 Oris

“I just picked the parcel from the post office an hour ago. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for the secure wrapping too. And above all, thank you for selling such beautiful watches in such a beautiful way!” B Al-A, 1984 Gradus, Oman

“Today, the Watches have arrived safe in their new packaging. They are just great – as expected, especially the Titan is stunning!” AD, Germany, 1971 Timex and others

“The watch arrived safely today, and I think it’s wonderful. Thank you so much.” RP, UK, 1979 Tissot

“Hey Scott, just got the watch. It’s in great working condition. Thanks so much for everything and being so accommodating!” JY, USA, 1979 Seiko

“Just thought I’d send you a email to say that I’m very pleased with the watch and we gave it to my Dad today and he’s very impressed and loves it. I don’t think this will be the last time you here from me.” MF, UK, 1946 Tissot

“Looks great and I can’t believe the condition of the watch, considering its 53 years old, I only wish I was in such good shape. The whole family liked the wrapping paper, it was a nice touch as was the quality box. It’s been an absolute pleasure buying the watch and I really appreciate the effort you went to, I would recommend Birthyearwatches to anyone. And you are welcome to use that quote. Worryingly my daughter has started looking at your site as she now fancies a vintage watch. ” AJ, UK, 1963 Omega

“The Citizen NOS 1975 came in a timely manner and was in excellent condition as described on your website. I have been wearing the watch for a few weeks now and truly satisfied with all aspects. You are a great seller.” AK, USA, 1975 Citizen

“Dear Scott, Just wanted to say the c1980 Zenith dresswatch has arrive safely! Got it on Thursday and I have to say I’m super happy! Especially after the ‘5-7 days’ shipping, it was delivered at 4 so I didn’t even expect it. Also I have never had my questions answered this quick. Nothing but good things! Wish you all the best!” KS, Belgium, c1980 Zenith

“Many thanks for the fast delivery. The watch is lovely, just what I was looking for. Not sure why people bother with the modern stuff when examples as good as this are on the market.” CT, UK, 1967 Garrard

“Bought a beautiful watch from Scott for a special birthday. Arrived promptly, in excellent condition and Scott provided superb aftercare. Thank you. Would highly recommend and will be dropping hints when it is my birthday” JM, UK, 1956 Tissot
“I had been searching for one of these for years to replace my original one. The original was my engagement present from my wife (married 33 years end of this month). It was the best watch I had ever had and it never left my wrist for years. When the strap gave up it was not economical to replace especially with the badly scratched glass and case. I put the watch in the drawer as a one day maybe thing. To find the perfect watch on your site seemed too good to be true. I took about a minute to decide to buy! Both my wife and I were transported to the eighties. When I wore it she said “that looks so familiar”. Like meeting an old friend.
So thank you again, you are providing keys to beautiful memories with your watches and I for one appreciate it.” CG, UK, 1981 Seiko

“Buying a watch from birthyearwatches has been a totally different experience. It’s like going to the little watch shop in your local town you know, (the one that’s been there for generations) where customer service reigns and knowledge is abundant, But on the internet !! You really can’t get much better service in this day and age and I have no qualms recommending this site (well more like a shop) to everyone. Thanks to Scott for his five star service, fantastic communication, excellently packaged and well priced site. The watch that came today is fantastic and will be worn with pride. The only problem I’m going to have is convincing everyone that like the Queen I have more than one birthday per year !!” PM, UK, 1963 Smiths

“I’ve bought a few watches from BYW over the last 8 months. Sourcing genuine vintage watches can be a problem these days, but not with this online store. Descriptions are accurate, photos are of the real watch from many angles, and Scott is a good communicator who responds to the buyer with promptness and courtesy. He knows his watches, too. If you’re looking for (mostly) reasonably priced, real vintage watches join me in giving Birth Year Watches a go.” MP, Australia, multiple watches

“I received my Zenith caliber 680 in the mail and am very happy with it. It is in excellent condition, the size and proportions of the case are perfect and it keeps time accurately. I’m really blown away with how slim the case is. This is a great find as I had been struggling to find understated dress watches in this size at a reasonable price. Thanks again.” PL, USA, 1997 Zenith

“Have bought an Omega Speedmaster MK11 and a 1960’s Oris Super diver from Scott and on both occasions he was a true gent to deal with and I couldn’t have asked for better service – will happily buy from him again.” GF, UK, multiple watches

“Hi Scott…received the watch 2 days ago. Watch is working as advertised. Good looking watch. The watch is nice and your service is exceptional..will continue to monitor your site.” PDeM, USA, 1965 Roal

“Just a quick thanks to Scott for a fast, painless and pleasant part exchange on my old 60’s Timex. I’m really happy with the Kelton diver, and it sits proudly in my collection. Scott’s communication and helpfulness was of great comfort, and I wouldn’t hesitate in dealing with birthyearwatches again. Whether that would be part exchanging or buying on of the many great watches available.” DB, UK, 1975 Kelton

“I just received the watches this morning. They are very lovely and really neat. Thank you so much for the excellently excellent wrapping, and thank you even more for the free watch stands. I hereby reconfirm my customer loyalty to birthyearwatches.com 🙂 ” B Al-A, multiple watches, Oman

Hopefully there will be many more nice words to come.