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The best place on the internet to buy or research a birth year watch. From Ingersoll to IWC, Timex to Rolex, we stock over 500 watches for you to choose from. Please use the menus to select a year, or alternatively search for a brand or keyword using the search box e.g. Omega, Ladies, Chronograph etc.

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I’ve been watching you site for at least a year waiting for the right ’74 to show up. I’d been looking mainly for an Omega/Longines dress watch but I’m a big fan of vintage Seiko as well. When I saw this watch pop up on your site–with its unusual movement and in absolutely mint condition–I knew this was the one. Sure, EL-370s can be had on eBay for less, but you found a gem that was worth every penny! And after 43-years of being who knows where, barely being worn, and therefore probably never being serviced, I’m happy to see that it’s running strongly and fairly accurate.
Many thanks for this wonderful find!

KK, USA, Seiko

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58 minutes ago
Retro watches are not new - This Longines Charleston is from 1986, yet looks like it was from 1920. Available now#vintagewatch#birthyearwatch#Longines... See MoreSee Less
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Launched in 1997, the #Eterna Galaxis range have a clever use of synthetic sapphire in the bezel (or on the bracelet) that really catch the light. We have a NOS one in stock now.#birthyearwatch#vintagewatch... See MoreSee Less
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This 1976 Seiko Grand Quartz is unusual for two reasons - it was never fitted with a bracelet, and it only has the date rather than day date. Makes it look a lot more like a modern Grand Seiko.#vintagewatch#vintageseiko#birthyearwatch... See MoreSee Less
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This 1992 watch from the high end jeweller Boodles is made from solid silver, and has cow horn lugs and the original strap and buckle. Available now from our store.#birthyearwatch#vintagewatch#boodles... See MoreSee Less
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Why do we have such an extensive library? Because sometimes, like with c2012 #EBEL Brasilia Mini, it helps give us so much more information. This quality ladies watch is available now.#birthyearwatch#ladieswatch#brasilia... See MoreSee Less
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