Why did we buy a Smiths Timer desk chronograph?  Because we liked it, and that is enough reason!


On the case back we can see that this clock was made by S. Smith & Son (England) Ltd.  This name was in use between 1944 and 1966, when it became Smiths Industries.  We don’t have any further dating evidence, but the styling looks to be circa 1950 so we have plumped for that year.

EDIT – we have since found this advert in the BHI magazine from 1956 that we have photographed showing this model and a newer model.  We now know this is the ST1


If this looks brand new we wouldn’t have bought it, but the patina makes this a very attractive object.  This could have been used in schools, science labs, TV and Film production or the production line, and it is still in working condition.  Slide the lever on the right down and the chronograph starts ticking.  Press the button on the top while it is running and the hands reset to zero and the timer continues – on a watch we would call that a flyback chronograph.  If you want to just stop the timer then slide the lever on the side back up.  And every now and then you will need to wind it up using the attached key on the case back.  This would have been used instead of a stopwatch, maybe where more than one person could see the instrument at the same time.

It is all working, and ticking nicely as shown in the video.  This being an unusual object for us we have not taken it apart to show the movement, partly from fear of damaging something.  We have not even cleaned the dirt off, as that is all part of the patina (and if removed patina can not be put back!).

This watch will be supplied with our branded presentation box and our Certificate of Authenticity.

Please see the HD video for more detail.  All photos and videos are part of the description and are of the actual watch unless mentioned.  We do not photoshop any pictures, and the images are copyright of birthyearwatches.com and should not be used without permission.


Dial size 100 mm (4″ in imperial measurements)

Total width including lever 135 mm

total depth including key 62 mm

Total height including pusher 140 mm

All sizes are approximate.

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