Early Seiko divers watches are hugely collectible now, and this 6105-8110 desirability is only enhanced by the model’s appearance in the film Apocalypse Now.


From the serial number on the case back we can accurately date this watch to being made in November 1972.


Let’s start with the film link.  Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979) was set in 1969/70, and won the Oscar, Golden Globe and Palme d’Or.  The character Captain Willard (played by Martin Sheen) wore a Seiko 6105-8110 in the film throughout (Marlon Brando wore a Rolex GMT, missing the bezel, in the same film).  What is nice is that whoever ‘cast’ the Seiko was historically accurate.  Many US troops bought Seiko’s to wear during the Vietnam conflict, so it is entirely fitting that Willard would too wear this model watch.

This watch has had some sympathetic restoration that involved replacing the bezel and hands, but nothing else.  Both hands and bezel look to be the right parts – the second hands in particular are unusual on this model with the one lume pip and one red pip at the end.  The bezel is a 60 click unidirectional item.  The dial is original and does show some marks and dirt on the lume plots – it is possible that the lume plots have been relumed at some point, as they still glow nicely.  The case has the original grooved crown that has a bayonet fixing.  The strap is a modern waffle rubber type similar to the ones that originally were supplied by Seiko, and it was 20mm and now trimmed to 19mm.  The 21 jewel 6105B movement is automatic wind only, and has the hack function (not all did).  This will be going for service now (photo shown before the service)

You can buy a new, limited edition recreation of this watch direct from Seiko, albeit with a modern movement but also with a £3,850 price tag.

You can see the reference website https://archives.makedostudio.com/seiko-divers/ to see a history of Seiko divers watches.  The previous model, known as 62MAS, are now £4,000 for a good one – if you can find one.

This watch will be supplied with a presentation box and our Certificate of Authenticity.

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Width with crown  45.8 mm

Width without crown  44.1 mm

Between lugs  19 mm

Lug to lug length  47.4 mm

Case Thickness  12.7 mm

All sizes are approximate.

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