The Omega 30t2 movement was used extensively by the armed forces during WW2.  This is a civilian version of the military watch, with spring bars and no lume in the hands.


From the serial number on the original Omega 30t2 movement we can accurately date this watch to 1943.


The watch is in great, original and unrestored condition.  The blued hands are correct, the dial has not been redone (there is one or two dirt marks and a few minute scratches near the centre).  The movement will be serviced before being sent out.  The Dennison case is all in good order, with just a dink on the bezel between 5 and 6 to detract.  The unsigned crown looks original too, judging by our research.  The leather one piece strap will not be to everyone’s taste, but this can be easily swapped.  The military versions of the same watch fetch a lot more money, and do not have drilled lugs to allow for easy strap changes.

Please see the HD video below for more detail.On the photos the case back had not been clipped down correctly, but that is now done.


Approximately 35.3 mm wide including the unsigned crown, 12.3 mm thick.  Takes an 18 mm strap.


£sold including 3 months guarantee