A shroud of mystery surrounded these rare Ollech & Wajs V7765 watches, and we have busted the myth.


First, the myth that is all over the internet for want of better information.  The story goes that these watches were produced in limited numbers in the 1970’s for evaluation by the Ministry of Defence in England, but the Valjoux 7765 chronograph movement was deemed too expensive to service.

This story set off several alarm bells.  The main reason was the movement wasn’t made by Valjoux until 1983, by which time the MOD had signed a deal with CWC watches and had switched to Quartz movements. (source, Ranfft)

So to get to the bottom of this we contacted the new owner of Ollech & Wajs.  He confirmed that the broad arrow / crows foot on the dial is there for decoration only, and these watches were made in the late 1990’s.  He knows, as he bought one directly from his friend Albert Wajs.

Before we feel too smug, it appears that Dr Ranftt is not accurate on the production dates for this movement either, as it is available in several vintage Heuer chronographs such at the reference 1614.  Had we not had have such definitive answers from O&W themselves we might have believed the story ourselves.


The watch is in very good condition.  The stainless steel case is polished at the sides and matt brushed on top, and the bottom right lug has a small mark from a strap change.  The plexi glass has been polished back to remove scratches, and the aviator leather strap is lightly used but very nice quality.  The movement, made by Valjoux, is basically a manual wind version of the ubiquitous 7750 chronograph.  So it has hacking seconds, a quick set date and a thinner profile than the auto 7750.  It also beats eight times a second, or 28,800 bph.  The dial is good, and the lume still glows, but the Mercedes hour hand has a little corrosion when you look up close.  It is running very well indeed.

This watch will be supplied with our Certificate of Authenticity.

Please see the HD video for more detail.


Width with crown  38.5 mm

Width without crown  35.6 mm

Between lugs  20 mm

Lug to lug length  42.5 mm

Case Thickness  12.9 mm

Bracelet maximum length   n/a

All sizes are approximate.

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