This Eterna with copper dial is just needing a replacement crystal to finish it off.


To the best of our knowledge, no reliable dating information is available for Eterna wristwatches (although, if you have a source then we would love to know).  But looking at the styling, materials and fashions of the time it is likely that this watch was produced sometime around 1938.  This design of clamshell case, with four screws holding everything tight, was only patented in 1936 so it must be later than this.


Eterna have a fascinating, and somewhat forgotten history.  They are best known for inventing the five ball bearing rotor used on automatic watches (hence the later logo with five dots).  But they also invented a quartz watch that was under 1mm thin, including the case!  The movement side also became ETA.  If you want to find out more then have a look at their website.

This particular watch has survived quite well.  The major downside is the cracked acrylic crystal, which we are trying to source a replacement for.  But the watch is running well, the case is not damaged, and the copper dial has all the radium lume in place.  The hands are straight, but the the minute hand has lost some lume.  The copper dial has some dirt on it, as to be expected on a watch of this age, and the watch has drilled lugs to make strap changing easier.


25.3mm wide including the crown, 9.6mm thick.  Takes a 14mm strap.


£ SOLD including 1 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.  The price will go up if we can find a crystal.