A brand new Bulova UHF (ultra high frequency) quartz chronograph, model number 96B231, complete with box and papers.


This is brand new and unworn.  Bought by us in 2016, and has the date code for being made in 2016 stamped on the case back too.


This is new, so instead here is a review of the watch.

This watch combines old styling combined with cutting edge quartz technology.  A mechanical watch runs at 3-5Hz, good for accuracy of a few secondsa day.  A standard quartz watch runs at 32,728 Hz (32.7kHz), meaning they are accurate to a few seconds a month, and this quartz runs at 262kHz.  The higher the frequency, the more accurate the watch as a general rule, and Bulova say that this watch should be accurate to within a few seconds a year.

The coin rimmed dial is a nice detail, the case is large but wears nicely, and the chronograph counts in 1/10ths of a second.  For the first thirty seconds the subdial at three wizzes round, and then to save the battery the watch continues counting the tenths but the subdial stops, and you only see the number when you stop the stopwatch.  The video probably explains this better than these words!  The movement also ticks several times a second, so you have a sweeping second hand crossing the cream dial.

RRP for this watch is £249, and the cheapest we have found them for sale elsewhere at time of press is £181.  This watch has the caseback sticker still in place, as shown in the photograph.

Please see the HD video below for more detail.


Width with crown  45.9 mm

Width without crown  42.9 mm

Between lugs  22 mm

Lug to lug length  49.0 mm

Bracelet maximum length   n/a

Thickness  12.2 mm

All sizes are approximate


£ SOLD including 12 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.