This Seiko H357-5000 does have faults as listed below, but could provide valuable spares for someone or a good project for a tinkerer.


We can date this to January 1981 from the serial number on the watch back.


Visually this is great. All we have done is clean the bracelet in the ultrasonic bath. Sadly the pushers don’t seem to work – with the movement removed the functions seem to work, so we believe the pushers need work. When we get this repaired the price will go up, but we thought we would offer this at a low price in case someone needed a great bracelet and case. All segments of the LCD screen seem to work. Spares or repairs only. Analogue watch is ticking but the time can not be set via the crown.


33.3mm wide including the crown and pushers, 7.5mm thick. Takes a 19mm strap. The bracelet will fit a maximum wrist size of 210mm


£SOLD including free delivery to UK addresses. No returns


“I had been searching for one of these for years to replace my original one. The original was my engagement present from my wife (married 33 years end of this month). It was the best watch I had ever had and it never left my wrist for years. When the strap gave up it was not economical to replace especially with the badly scratched glass and case. I put the watch in the drawer as a one day maybe thing. To find the perfect watch on your site seemed too good to be true. I took about a minute to decide to buy! Both my wife and I were transported to the eighties. When I wore it she said “that looks so familiar”. Like meeting an old friend.
So thank you again, you are providing keys to beautiful memories with your watches and I for one appreciate it.”