This Glashutte ladies watch was made in the GDR, and has survived longer than East Germany itself!


We can date this to being made between March and June 1979 from the serial number on the watch movement.


Clearly hasn’t been worn much.  The case has the usual light scratches but the edges are straight and the gold plate has stood up very well.  The period stretchy expanding bracelet has been ultrasonically cleaned.  The dial is great when it catches the light just right and the movement is very clean.  This could also be worn on a leather strap if the expander is not for you.

The modern version of Glashutte is owned by Swatch group, and is known as Glashutte Original.  This is an original Glashutte, which is a subtle but important difference as the new watches start at several thousand pounds.


19.2mm wide including the crown, 9.3mm thick. Takes an 10mm strap or the supplied expanding bracelet is perfect for 160mm wrists

All sizes are approximate.

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