This 1977 Timex has never been worn.  It must be the best in the World of this model.  We didn’t even do the strap up when we took a wrist photo!


From the serial number on the watch dial we can accurately date this watch to 1977.  Model number Timex 479605


Sometimes sellers use the term New Old Stock for any old watch that looks like it might never have been worn.  This watch still has the point of sale price tag on the strap, and the original price sticker on the caseback, so we know the watch wasn’t worn!  As the paperwork isn’t stamped, it is likely that this watch wasn’t sold either.  In 1977 the fashion was for LCD and LED watches, so this Timex may have looked old fashioned and left on the shelf.

The only negative is the thick leather strap, with its unusual and attractive two tone colour, is very stiff.  We would fit a new strap for security if the owner requested that, but the original leather strap may become more supple once the watch is worn.


39.1mm wide including the recessed crown, 12.4mm thick. Takes a 19mm strap.


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