Cutting edge technology for 1976, this Fairchild watch was built out of sturdy stainless steel and over engineered like so much technology used to be.


As this watch was never sold the paperwork does not have a date on it.  However, looking up the watch on the shows it was made in 1976.


The watch was expensive new, but maybe that was why this one has never been sold or worn (except for the photographs here).  The new price back in 1976 was $82.50, which was £43 back then.  As a comparison, you could buy a mechanical Smiths Astral watch for £10.95 on the high street, but LCD was the future and you had to pay for it.  The watch makes reference to tritium illumination, but tritium is an unstable isotope with a half life of 12.32 years which means it halves in brightness every 12 years, which means there won’t be much glow left now!  However the date and time does show perfectly, with the only fault on this watch the area under the surround that has a bubble under the glass.  This doesn’t affect the performance at all.  Everything else is as new.


Approximately 35.4 mm wide, 10.3 mm thick.  Takes a 19 mm strap.  The bracelet will fit a maximum wrist size of approximately 200 mm.


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