We have partnered with the International Tree Foundation to plant a tree for every watch we sell.

Buying vintage, or pre owned, anything is a perfect example of reduce, reuse and recycle, so we as a business are not a heavy emitter of carbon at all. Every joule of energy we used comes from 100% renewable sources, and our packaging is made from recycled sources wherever we can too. But this partnership takes it beyond reducing our carbon footprint, to being positive on carbon.

The International Tree Foundation will plant a tree on our behalf in Worldwide locations to help the planet heal. The choice of Worldwide locations suits our customers, who are from all over the planet, plus some trees grow faster in warmer climates and help quicker. Not much use planting Mangroves in Manchester!

If you want to join us then you can. The cost is not expensive, and you may plant as many as you wish.


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