Astral were a spin of brand from Smiths Watches, but this ‘Silverstone’ doesn’t appear in the combined catalogues we have.


Our library includes a very good book on smiths watches, that has combined the catalogues over the years.  This watch doesn’t appear, but the book also doesn’t include the 1974 catalogue.  So we think this watch dates from circa 1974, which suits the styling.


We have applied the nickname ‘Silverstone’, after noticing the case and dial colour of this Astral is not too dissimilar to the Heuer Silverstone also launched in 1974 – although this is about £3-7,000 cheaper of course!

The leather strap appears to be original – it is the right colour, but faded, and has a period buckle.  But the strap is cracked and we have fitted a new leather strap, nicely colour matched, to suit.  The watch will come with the new strap fitted, and the original loose in the box.  The two white hands are easy to read against the contrasting red dial, and the dial is similarly stark and symmetrical.  The dial is bubbling along the top, which you see in some lights but not others.  The video will show this to the best representation.  The chromed case is very good, and the acrylic crystal has been polished to remove small scratches but does have very slight crazing to the centre that you will only see very occasionally.

This watch will be supplied with our Certificate of Authenticity.

Please see the HD video for more detail.


Width with crown  36.2 mm

Width without crown  34.2 mm

Between lugs  18 mm

Lug to lug length  32.2 mm

Case Thickness  10.2 mm

Bracelet maximum length   n/a

All sizes are approximate.

Included with this watch is a 1 month guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.  If you live outside the UK we can still deliver to most countries.  Please see our Worldwide Shipping information, or Contact Us.