A rare, c1947 Rotary watch in a Stainex case and fitted with a fabulous Pagoda bracelet.  Very large for the time this was made.


Looking at Rotary’s own museum, they date similar watches in their collection to the 1940’s.  Late forties is more likely, due to the war effort.


The watch has some very good points, but also some negatives.  The dial is a very good point, not being damaged by smoke or water in all these years.  The glass, and it is glass, does have some scratches and a corner is chipped on the inside bottom left corner.  You can not feel it, and you might have to look twice to find the chip, but it is there.  The expanding bracelet is made by Pagoda, and is very comfortable – every link expands, but it looks more like an oyster style bracelet.  The Stainex case (a Rotary trademark) has a couple of dinks, but is a good size for the time and wears larger than the size suggests thanks to the rectangular design.

Please see the HD video below for more detail.


Width with crown  30.5 mm

Width without crown  27.5 mm

Between lugs  17 mm

Lug to lug length  41.1 mm

Bracelet maximum length  200+ mm

Thickness  10.0 mm

All sizes are approximate


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