One of the better brands to produce a GSTP watch for the military, this Leonidas pocket watch is running sweetly.


The British military bought lots of watches from many different makers at the start of WW2, and issued them throughout.  We have selected a mid point year.


GSTP stands for General Service Trade Pattern (This is disputed by some who think it is General Service Time Piece), and it was stamped on the rear of cases along with the Pheon or crows feet symbol the British military have used for hundreds of years.  Because records are not complete, and case backs are easy to engrave, we are very careful to make sure we have a genuine issued watch.  Happily this watch has a sister Leonidas watch in the bible of military watch books, Konrad Knirim’s British Military Timepieces.  While our watch is in better condition that the one featured in the book, it does have a couple of issues.  The radium hands look to have been relumed in period, and the work is a little clumsy.  As the material used was radium, as we have tested with a Geiger counter, it was likely done during the war or shortly after – radium stopped being used in the early 1950’s.  Those radium hands have also stained the dial on the left hand side, possibly showing the watch was stopped for a long period of time.  The movement is running nicely and while the case has signs of use this watch has been through a war, so we can forgive it the light scars it wears so well.

This watch is no relation to Heuer, as Heuer and Leonidas merged in the early 1960’s.  But some people will still associate the name to bump the value up.  Not us.

This watch will be supplied with a presentation box and our Certificate of Authenticity.

Please see the HD video for more detail.  All photos and videos are part of the description and are of the actual watch unless mentioned.  We do not photoshop any pictures, and the images are copyright of and should not be used without permission.


Width with crown  62.5 mm (excluding bow)

Width without crown  52.0 mm

Case Thickness  14.6 mm

All sizes are approximate.

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