This Seiko Kinetic, model number 5M42-0H10, is in super condition and keeping charge perfectly.


From the serial number on the caseback we can accurately date this watch to August 1998.


The Matt stainless steel case is in very good shape, and the glass is perfect with no scratches or nibbles showing.  In the enlarged photos you can see a feint mark on the dial, but in reality it is nearly impossible to see this.  The HD video gives a good representation of real world conditions.  The video also shows how the Kinetic system is holding charge.  If you are unfamiliar with Seiko’s Kinetic system it basically uses a capacitor instead of a battery, and inside the watch is a rotor that turns.  This kinetic (movement) energy from the spinning rotor is converted to electrical power that is then stored and released by the capacitor.  Seiko probably explain better, so here is their website.  This watch features a fixed bezel and quick set date, and is on a thick nylon strap with Seiko buckle in matt steel.  The dial still has fantastic lume.


40.8mm wide including the crown, 10.1 mm thick.  Takes an 18mm strap.


£SOLD including 1 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.