Swatch are credited by most as saving the Swiss watch industry, and Swatch Group were so successful that they now own brands such as Breguet, Omega, Longines and Tissot among others.


Swatch release two collections each year, but this watch, model GBPACK1 Le Walk, Le Swatch, Le Game , was a limited edition of just 3,100 to celebrate the opening of the channel tunnel in February 1994.  It came with either the Andale (SSK105, pink strap) or Metal Flash (SSK004, grey strap) stop watch range.  We currently have both models to choose from.


The watches has been stored from new with the battery removed (to prevent leakage).  The watch would be fitted with a new battery and will be ready to wear, but if you are collecting for investment then we suggest you also remove the battery once the watch arrives.

Each tube contains a game, counters and dice as well as the watch packaging and instructions.  All look unused, if a little yellowed by time.

Please see the HD video for more detail.

Our warranty would not cover the plastic straps, as these can become brittle over time.


Approximately 34 mm wide including the unsigned crown, 9.0 mm thick.  Takes a 17 mm strap.


Included is a 1 month guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.