An unusually designed 1980 Tissot, with blue crown at the top right corner.


From the serial number on the watch movement we can accurately date this watch to 1980.


When we found this we had no choice but to buy it – when will you see another!  The matt steel case, the blue crown, the odd positioning of said crown – but (and this is important) – the watch works as a design.  Not only are the white hands on blue dial combination very easy to read, but the wide strap and the crown that never digs into the back of your hand make it very comfortable too.  The photo of the rear of the watch really shows the asymmetric case design, thicker on the crown side that the non crown side.

The actual condition of this is good too.  Minor scratches on the glass and one or two tiny dimples of the dial, invisible tot he naked eye.  The dial is otherwise very good, with all the lume plots present and the original hands show the nicely aged lume too.  The case has not real dings, and only tool marks on the back show it has had regular battery changes.  We have fitted a new dark blue leather strap that matches the crown and dial perfectly.  The 2030 movement was said to be so accurate that you wouldn’t need to ever adjust it – it can be done though, and the procedure is described here.  Making changes for the hour, for example to change to a different time zone, is easy and shown in the video.


33.7mm wide including the recessed crown, 12.1mm thick.  Takes a 20mm strap.


£SOLD including 3 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.