Containing a hacking MST manual movement with date, this Roamer has an inscription from Chrysler cars UK.


We can date this to 1978 from the inscription on the watch back.  Although it is likely that the watch was made earlier (read on!)


​The dial and movement is great, but the case is badly worn.  This is priced for what the dial and movement is worth, but could still make an interesting value purchase as it works great and is on a new leather strap.  If the case was as good as the dial it would be far more expensive.  In this watch is the last of the in house Roamer movements, the MST 521 with hacking seconds.  The decision to move to cheaper, bought in movements was taken in 1975 and forced by the cheaper quartz movements arriving – the quartz revolution.  So this watch may have been made in 1975 but not presented to Mr Kemp by Chrysler UK until 1978.

Something else to note is that post 1975 Roamer watches are copiously faked, especially from India.  The cheaper movements make this easier to pass off, but we are yet to see a fake that uses an MST movement.


36.5mm wide including the signed crown, 10.7mm thick. Takes a 20mm strap.

All sizes are approximate.

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