This Tissot PR516 has a great blue dial, and good long original bracelet.


From the serial number on the movement we can accurately date this watch to 1972.


The blue dial is what sold us on this watch.  Very clean and legible, and a wonderful shade of blue.  The negatives on this watch are the scratch on the case from 11 to 2, which may be able to be polished out, and the dink at 8.  We have just had this watch serviced, so it should run without issue for the next few years.  The movement in this watch is the 2481, which was jointly developed with Omega, and this one has the same fault they all do – you are supposed to be able to quick set the date by pushing the crown in, but this feature rarely works.  You can still set the date by turning the hands, and the date does change at midnight correctly, so it is a minor inconvenience but worth mentioning now.  The original bracelet is a good size, and hasn’t had much of the black around the Tissot “T” logo scratched out – have a look at others to see what we mean.


Approximately 36.8 mm wide including the signed crown,  12.0 mm thick.  The bracelet will fit a maximum wrist size of approximately 185 mm.


£ SOLD including 3 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.