This is a stunning example of a Landeron 47 Flyback chronograph


Helpfully, the Landeron 47 movement (the world’s first cam operated chronograph) was only produced in 1937.  If only all watches were so easy to accurately date!


There is little reference material for this watch,  The dial is unsigned, as is the movement.  But the three button chronograph design gives it away as a Landeron 47 – the top button starts the stopwatch, the bottom button pauses it, and the button inset into the crown resets to zero regardless of whether the chrono is running or paused (hence flyback).

The dial and blued hands are so good we wonder if they have been replaced at some point.  That would be an expensive job, and it wasn’t reflected in price, so maybe they are original?  We wouldn’t know where to even try and find a replacement dial and hand set for an 80 year old design, so maybe they are original!  The large, legible sub dials contrast in different lights to the main dial, as shown on the video.  All functions are working well, resetting crisply to zero.  The bezel and  case back are stainless steel, but the actual case is a metal we can not identify and this is showing a few age marks.  The strap is new, and the acrylic crystal is unmarked.


Approximately 38mm wide including the crown, 10mm thick.  Takes an 18mm strap.


£ SOLD including 3 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.