c1961 Croton Nivada Grenchen Colorama VI, with bezels

This Croton Nivada Gretchen Colorama VI watch is ideal for a lady who likes lots of different looks.  Within seconds the watch can be transformed by swapping the cases and straps.


From looking at adverts from the period, we can date this watch to circa 1961.  Our watch features more bezels than these, but they may have been available separately.

1960 ad
1960 ad
1961 ad
1961 ad


The watch itself is running well, but this item is about the accessories.  The watch slots into the various cases, and then the strap is threaded through needing no tools or skills at all.  This set has three machined bezels, and five enamel ones (aqua, black, peach and two cream).  There is space in the lid of the original box to add five straps (8mm one piece straps), so you could easily mix up the colours.  All the bezels look to be in good condition.  There is one dark blue strap included – it isn’t original, as it s a bit too long for the case.  It could be cut down if needed.


20.5mm wide including the crown, 7.1mm thick when using one of the smaller enamel bezels.  Takes an 8mm strap.


£179 including 3 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.


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