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Founded in 2013 by a collector and enthusiast Scott Topliss, the website has grown far faster than expected. Here is a Q and A with Scott.

birthyearwatches.com was founded in order to help people who want to buy a watch that marks a special event. Normally it is to mark someones birthday with a watch from the year they were born, but it also can be to celebrate an anniversary or a child being born.

With over twenty years experience in buying and selling quality watches, and a guarantee with every watch sold, you have total peace of mind that you are getting a genuine quality watch that will last for many years. And hopefully further appreciate in value!

How do we date watches?

It isn’t often easy! The best way to date a watch is by the serial number, but records are not always available. We also take account of inscriptions, original paperwork, model and movement dates and many, many reference books to give you the closest date we can. If a watch is dated with a ‘c’, it is circa the date shown.

birthyearwatches.com is an independent company​, and not associated not affiliated with any brand. All photos used are the copyright of birthyearwatches.com and may not be copied without written permission.

Date your watch service

If you can send us good photos of your watch, we can try and find out when it was made for a £20 fee. We will look at the photos for free and only if we are confident we can help will we charge.


All makes and models can be serviced Contact us

Insurance Valuations
Certification on replacement values also available.

Buy your watch

We are always on the look out for watches of a similar nature to those seen on these pages contact buyer@birthyearwatches.com for more details. Watches can be part exchanged too, even multiple watches.

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