1972 Tissot PR516 Sonorous alarm vintage watch

The Sonorous was Tissot’s alarm series, so you can set a mechanical alarm reminder on your wrist, and this one is great.


From the serial number on the movement we can accurately date this watch to 1972.


The watch is in wonderful condition.  The dial is clear, all four hands are straight and clean, and that big fat case doesn’t have any dinks (which is easy to do with a case that thick).  Both crowns are original, and we have added a new strap.  The top crown sets and winds the crown, and the crown at 4 looks after the time and date.  The correct case back has holes in it to allow the sound of the alarm to escape, and the inner dust cover and striker peg are all in perfect condition.  This is worth watching the video to see how loud the alarm is.  You might wait a long time to find another this nice.


Approximately 38.1 mm wide including the signed crowns, 15.1 mm thick.  Takes a 19 mm strap.


£399 including 3 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.


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