1966 Rolex Precision ladies bracelet watch

This 1966 Rolex Precision is a hand wind watch and the design is not as common as many Rolex’ that you will see.  Model number 2611


From the serial number on the caseback we can accurately date this watch to 1966.


The watch was originally intended for the American market.  We can tell this because the bracelet is made by JB, and what used to happen is Rolex would send movements and cases to the US and then they would be assembled there to avoid the punitive import duties on complete watches.  The same method was used in the UK with Dennison cases for Omega and others.

The case and bracelet are all stainless steel, and in good order.  The hidden signed crown is a nice feature, and the Rolex signed 1400 in house movement all functions nicely.  The dial is simple and clear, with a few age marks that look worse in the enlarged photos compared to real life – the video is more representative.  The case is marked with all the right Rolex numbers.  The bracelet has been cleaned in our ultrasonic bath.

The nice thing about these Precision’s is that the production run was much smaller, so you hardly ever see any others.  Rolex are the most faked watches in the world, but not this model.  In vintage Rolex terms, this is one of the cheapest ways to buy a Rolex watch.

Please see the HD video below for more detail.


Approximately 21.5 mm wide including the signed crown, 7.3 mm thick.  The bracelet will fit a maximum wrist size of approximately 164 mm and could not be extended.


£649 including 3 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.

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