1958 Tissot Camping men’s vintage watch

This time only Tissot Camping is running strongly.


From the serial number on the movement we can accurately date this watch to 1958.


The chromed case is all in good shape, save for light scratches.  The case back is slightly concave from being pressed on, but it isn’t stopping the watch work.  The dial at some point has been cleaned, and this has removed most of the camping logo from above 6.  It has also left a discolouration on the dial between 4 and 11, which in some lights you can’t see but it is obvious in others.  The HD video probably shows this better than any individual photo can.  The crystal is clean and scratch free, and the crown is the original Tissot one.  The Tissot manual wind movement is a delight to use, and only watch collectors will know the difference between winding a watch and winding a nice watch.


35.0mm wide including the signed crown, 9.7mm thick.  Takes an 18mm strap.


£99 including 1 months guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.


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