1957 Kirovskie Sputnik CCCP watch

On 4th October 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first man made earth satellite, Sputnik 1.  This watch was made to commemorate the event.


From the serial number on the movement we can accurately date this watch movement to being produced in the second quarter of 1957.  Sputnik 1 was launched on 4th October 1957.


This watch is quite rare.  Made by Tschistopolsky watch factory to celebrate Sputnik 1’s launch, they used a 17 jewel 2602 movement that is nicely finished, and instead of a sub seconds hand a disk featuring a representation of Sputnik’s iconic design reveals the seconds numerals.  A novel way of linking the design to the horology.  This is the third design in a set of four.  The dial is wonderfully crisp, with just a small mark between 1 and 2 on the centre gold disc.  The outer white part of the dial is immaculate.  This is because we believe this to be a replacement dial, as all the examples of the original watch are dirty and worn and this is just too good to be original.  Looking at one of the best websites for USSR watches and comparing our example to theirs (number 0019), our one has also had new hands fitted.  This is confirmed by the original advert we were sent a copy of.  The case has some small knocks, but the overall impression on this watch is very good.  We have fitted a new 16mm leather strap and a new acrylic crystal, and the watch will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Please see the HD video below for more detail.


Width with crown  35.5 mm

Width without crown  34.1 mm

Between lugs  17 mm

Lug to lug length  43.5 mm

Bracelet maximum length   n/a

Thickness  9.9 mm

All sizes are approximate


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